Infographic accelerating change

Kurzweil said that, in the course of evolution, an exponential tendency emerges between “key events”.
In other words, progress in biological evolution and technology has brought a rise in complexity, these events following the “Law of Accelerating Returns”.
Therefore if Moore’s Law follows an exponential path, the Law of Accelerating Returns follows a double exponential growth rate. At this rate in 2045, according to Kurzweil’s estimates, we will find ourselves at a point where technological evolution will bring such radical change that it will be impossible to predict what will occur beyond the middle of the century: this moment in time is called the Technological Singularity.

ritorni accelerati nero eng


In order to obtain an overview of possible future technological perspectives, a number of areas of research have been analysed that have always enjoyed the benefits of technological progress. They have been subdivided into ten year intervals.

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