The title of the project comes from the Japanese word Tsubo, that indicates the unit of measure corresponding of two Tatami carpets (Japanese floor paving of about 3 square meters), associated with the word Niwa, that means garden. PUBLIC GREEN Currently the areas of medium and low population density are formed by agglomerated private residences surrounded by private gardens. With this project you can assemble single prefabricated houses and combine them together to create small public parks, without giving up a part of lawns, much more usable by people that live in the houses. If a small public space is used by a few, will be in the interest of residents maintain a good quality of the park. These words, Tsubo and Niwa, indicate properly the small green areas recreated inside the home . The choice, to make blind the two longer walls, allows to juxtapose houses together. The resulting modularity enables versatile and diverse configurations. For example, you can create between the modules, a green area that limites the function of small public spaces, becoming accessible just by residents. The project is mainly developed from the idea to read the house starting from the bedroom to the exit and having the main passage to the living room, right through the garden. The direct access (and the covered one) to the bathroom can be also through the lobby. The inner court can be closed by a transparent cover semi- rigid to realize a “winter garden “ in cold periods of the year. Bedroom, hasn’t outwards facing windows, but it’s illuminated by the skylight, and also the lobby, although tight, does not create a dark space, thanks to the the skylight and the garden overlooking window.tsuboniwa2

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