The title of the project comes from the Japanese word Tsubo, that indicates the unit of measure corresponding of two Tatami carpets (Japanese floor paving of about 3 square meters), associated with the word Niwa, that means garden. PUBLIC GREEN Currently the areas of medium and low population density are formed by agglomerated private residences […]

Al salone satellite 2015 vince la vera stampa 3D

Il Salone del Mobile di Milano 2015, vede come vincitrice l’autentica stampa 3D. Vera perchè i designer della Xuberance, azienda nel settore della stampa 3D a Shanghai, hanno utilizzato tutte le vere potenzialità di questa tecnica rimanendo comunque connessi alla tradizione Cinese. Tutti i prodotti della mostra si riferiscono infatti a classici della letteratura cinese. […]


Infographic accelerating change Kurzweil said that, in the course of evolution, an exponential tendency emerges between “key events”. In other words, progress in biological evolution and technology has brought a rise in complexity, these events following the “Law of Accelerating Returns”. Therefore if Moore’s Law follows an exponential path, the Law of Accelerating Returns follows a double exponential growth rate. […]